Competition Rules

1. All high school students are eligible to enter.

    Entrants may submit no more than three (3) cartoons each.

2. Entering the competition is possible through the Competition’s website only.

3. The deadline for submitting cartoons for the competition is December 31, 2016.

4. Entrants must submit original cartoons on the main theme of the competition: How to criticize institutions and personalities, on the one hand, while not hurting religious feelings, on the other hand.

5. To verify the originality and authenticity of the cartoon, entrants will add the name, email address and telephone number of their school principal, or civics teacher, or social sciences teacher, or arts teacher

6. Cartoons will be submitted through the competition’s website, in (the following technical configuration): JPG etc.

7. Entrants must enclose a head photo, (300 dpi, 1MB), a short biography (max 75 words), and a personal paragraph commentating on the cartoon. The text should be in Hebrew, or Arabic, or English.

8. The names of the three first winners and the names of the other 30 entrants whose cartoons were selected to be included in the exhibition, will be announced on the Competition website, on JPC’s website and in other media channels.

9. All cartoons become the property of the Jerusalem Press Club (JPC) and may be used for promotional and other purposes at JPC’s discretion.

10. The decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable.

11. By entering the competition, entrants confirm that they agree to and accept the competition’s rules.

12. Workshops preparing for the competition will be held at places and on dates which will be publicized on the Competition’s website. The workshops will be live-streamed on the Competition’s website and later stored on the website for later viewing.

Good Luck!